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Kontent Machine Content for GSA SETUP


Are there any articles / discussions on the best way to setup and import kontent machine content for GSA.

Specifically with the use of co occurrence and co citation.

1. If you create articles in kontenct machine with co occourance and co citation links, as well as keyword links to your moneysite do you leave the Keywords and Anchor text fields in GSA blank?

2. is there a way to use co occourance and co citation within GSA as a feature?

3. Where is GSA can you say no links, apart from the built in ones from the Kontent machine articles.

4. Anything else i should be looking at / taking into consideration?

Thanks in advance


  • Hi,

    Let me answer the first question since the other ones are more about GSA SER than KM.

    - It's all up to you. You can create the links in KM or in GSA SER, it all depends on your preferred way of setting it up.

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