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VPS vs Dedicated Server ?

Hey everyone, after a short break im installing GSA again, im just having second thoughts if i should get a SSD VPS like last time i did, or switch to Dedicated instead. 

I will most likely go with Green Cloud VPS ,but if you have better solution, suggestions are welcome. 

VPS : 4 core, 6 giga , SSD ($45/month)
Dedicated : E3-1240 CPU, 4 cores @ 3.3GHz, 24 Giga RAM, SAS or SATA3 (Raid 1 possible) - $85/month

What do you think, is there an advantage of going with Dedicated, i can live with 2x price if its much better. 24 giga RAM is insane but i dont know if Processor can handle it , and the lack of SSD, is it important for GSA SER ?



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