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What happens when duplicate a project

I am running GSA and I duplicate (everything) a precedent project.

The new project now show same url submitted and verified from the old project.

What GSA does in this case? What it will consider from the previous project cloned?

I also modified in the new project the urls, keywords, anchor, post etc.. but I kept the same emails.
I duplicate it because the 2 project are similar, and I don't want to reset the new one from zero.

Can someone try to explain how GSA will work in this case?


  • kayzen76 When you duplicate a project, you have two options (Just Data/Options, or Everything). When you choose everything, literally everything is duplicated (submitted links, verified links, accounts, etc..).

    If you are duplicating a project because the new one is similar, choose the option Just Data/Options. Then reset the URL, Keywords, Anchors, Post, etc. as you are doing now.

    Basically you are using "templates" to start new projects more easily. What you are doing is solid.

  • "Basically you are using "templates" to start new projects more easily"
    Yes this is exactly what I mean.

  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions

    You should NOT keep the same emails when duplicating a project, there are several reasons:
    • Most sites will only allow you to register 1 account per email, so if you already used that emails in another project, you will have allot of failed sign ups on the new project.
    • If you use the emails in more than one project then you will have many failed verifications because if you have different projects downloading and deleting emails then emails will be deleted and so other project dont see the verification link to click.

    You can duplicate all but replace the email accounts on the new project

  • kayzen76kayzen76 Italia
    edited June 2015
    Thanks @royalmice

    In this case I duplicated the project with the command everything, so I suppose it will use the same account to post new articles with new  links/anchors etc..
    Am I wrong?

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