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modify step condition: inurl:

Can you add that one?

modify step condition=inurl:/register.html
modify step=3

modify url=%targeturl%
modify url replace=register.html;login.html

some engines are running different versions


  • Will that work?

    modify step condition=<BASE HREF="*register.php"
  • andrzejekandrzejek Polska
    edited June 2015
    i am not sure if that works, maybe i should use .* or other thing for regex?
  • SvenSven
    this BASE is added by's not in original source.
  • SvenSven
    edited June 2015
    anyway next version will support inurl:
  • what about modify url condition=inurl:
  • @sven was this added in the last version? (9.90)

    And what about modify url condition=inurl:
    i found this can be very usefull aswell

  • SvenSven
    its added yes
  • @sven just to clarify modify url condition=inurl: is added aswell?

    i dont want to be rude here but please include the info in changelog next time if you can so we wont be wasting time asking and answering the questions :P
  • SvenSven
    no, I will add that as well on next update.
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