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multiple random_panchor_text in same article keeps giving me the same anchor text

I'm using these macros in my article file:

<a href="%random_url%">%spinfile-C:\Users\Administrator\GSA\keywords.txt%</a>
<a href="%random_url%">%random_anchor_text%</a>
<a href="%random_url%">%random_panchor_text%</a>
<a href="%verified_url%">%random_panchor_text%</a>

The random_url and verified_url macro works ok, The spinfile one, random_anchor_text AND random_panchor_text keeps giving me the same keywords everytime. This shouldn't be the case right? In the preview mode it works ok, I get a random anchor text.., but when I check the verifieds they last 3 keep having the same identical anchor text everytime.


  • SvenSven

    change %spinfile- to %spinfile2- shich is random.

    random_anchor_text should work fine...random_panchor_text will be fixed.

  • thank you, spinfile2 works.
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