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servers under ddos, flooded with SYN_RECV

edited January 2013 in Need Help
I got a couple of messages today from proxy providers.  along these lines

"Just hours earlier our servers were getting flooded with SYN_RECV requests from the following IPs that are tied with your account:"

"Our system automatically banned your account because you made to many connections too fast and our servers considered it DOS. You have to slow down your application by a lot or we will have to close your account."

I have a decently scaled operation that I am struggling to manage.  

Each of my machines is running at 800 threads.  I never had any issues until recently I started fumbling with some settings in my windows 7 installs with the goal of improving speed accross my machines.  

This is what I has happened 3 proxy providers are trying to give me the boot.  My hosting catchalls have been shutdown.  

My question is what amount of proxies would be needed in each of these installs to stay out of the radar of these proxy providers.  

Moreover what type of Lpm numbers are you guys getting.  I noticed that after these tweaks that I made that my Lpm numbers went through the roof but before I can say that this is the reason for all of these happenings.  I need to be sure.  



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