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Move all lists to Identified? Scrape New URLS?

Hi guys, i want to re-check all my lists, is possible to send all to identified and delete the sucess and verified ones?

Another question is after i get new urls from other software and want to add it to identified so later can use it in GSA; i need to use the full path URL or just the domain? I see some tutorials that just use the domain, but think that its wrong!

Best Answer

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer

    options->advanced->tools->clean up

    Using the full url or just domain depends on the engine. However it does not hurt if you use the full url...SER should know what engine it is and surf to the login/registration page on it's own.


  • Thanks Sven!
    Using just the Domain will help me to not add too many urls! because have 20-30 urs frmo the same domain!
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