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bulk email setup

edited January 2013 in Need Help
Is any one using the email settings in this post.

I can't get the settings to work can someone tell me what is wrong with this. 

my email
%columnspinfile-C:\Users\Usuario01\Desktop\GSA\new emalsetup.txt-1%

%columnspinfile-C:\Users\Usuario01\Desktop\GSA\new emalsetup.txt-2%

%columnspinfile-C:\Users\Usuario01\Desktop\GSA\new emalsetup.txt-3%

%columnspinfile-C:\Users\Usuario01\Desktop\GSA\new emalsetup.txt-4%


can't see how I am messing this up any help would be great. 


  • Moreover if someone can help me with this I am paying.  It is that serious.  
  • SvenSven
    Please note that this is also using a random email to verify the submission. It might pick the wrong one when verifying emails as it is only doing it for one email not all.
  • Yes Sven I totally understood that from your explanation in the post.  I decided to just have my va go through each project (over 600) and change them out as I realize that this could slow things down even more. 
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