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Best number of sites setting for Custom Indexer mode ?

If I have a lot of links I'm trying to run through GSA SEO indexer it seems best to use the custom indexer mode but my question is, what is the lowest/best number of sites to use for this ? I'm talking about the setting, like whats the best number to get enough indexing potential for each backlink but at the same time run decently fast through your backlinks indexing them ? 


  • I am running indexer on 300 threads and getting an LPM ~3000. On the same VPS am running SER and CB. I am new with indexer, so am trying out various combinations.

    SER is on 300 threads as well with LPM's ~100

    There is an occasional lag where SER gets sluggish with CPU touching 100, but other than that all three seem to be working nicely together. 
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