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{URL1|URL2}#{anchor1|anchor2} format...

Hi, can you please allow GSA to use the following format?


It makes no sense why this wouldnt work... My sites use multiple URLs I.e 301s etc. I assign my anchors via a spin in excel.

When bulk building I can only use 1 URL which dramatically lowers my odds of a successful campaign.

Can you please add the {url|url}#{anchor|anchor} functionality into GSA or is it not possible?


  • Otherwise I am stuck building the sites 1 by 1 which is frustrating and boring all bc this format doesn't work! Please Sven is there a work around?!?!
  • whats the difference ?


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    Every time you want to adjust anchor % you have to change the anchor spin on 6+ URLs which is time consuming. Not only that, when building multiple sites at once and using "insert X extra links into article", gsa would then pull a random URL which could be one of same URLs as it's already pulled...

    If there's only 3 "Spun groups of URLs", although they would be spun, gsa would / should know to count them as "one" URL so the additional links work properly.

    In short, there's a HUGE difference. The method you describe is unacceptable for time and functionality reasons.
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    Ok i got it, i think you should be able to generate projects in either simple script or zennoposter (whatever really) and then just import them into SER with engine selection and everything even emails ready, but i never had to use it *(yet) so i dont know whats the format, @sven should tell you. I know you can do it with template but i dont know how to do it with project as .ser format is encoded somehow.
  • I don't see how that would help. I already have my projects ready and cloned. I just need the format listed above to work... I don't see why it would be that hard to make it work?
  • I don't know if thats hard to make it work just giving you ideas in case it is :)
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    U don't have to adjust the anchor on 6 places to make a change. All you do is copy it, paste to notepad and do search and replace, and all are changed.

  • Negative, spins are too big for basic copy paste, and as mentioned above - when using multiple additional links per post that would not work. i.e. if you were linking to 2 sites at once, with 12 URLs total (2 spins of 6), and using 1 extra link per article GSA could pull the same site twice.
  • @sven is there any hope for this to be included in the future or it there something else preventing it from working?

    Format would be


    This would need to be treated as 1 URL.

  • If this format was included it would make my campaigns take 10000x less time. As currently I have to setup each campaign one-by-one... even tho they are in the same market. I would like to be able to do more an one campaign at a time, while keeping my URL structures and anchors.
  • SvenSven
    I know this sounds silly but this is harder to implant than you might think. There have been issues with older versions so I had to cut off { and } from beginning and end of the data. That screws it up for your format and import will see the anchor as an URL. Right now I have no solution for this other than using macros to read form files.
  • Hmm.. what do you mean using macros to read from files? Can macros be used in the URL field? Thanks!
  • SvenSven
    sure, you can use %spinfile% %file% or #file_links
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    Not sure if we're talking about the same thing, but I tried to use all of those 3 (%spinfile% %file% or #file_links) in the URL field and get this error.

    Is it possible to accomplish the format above with macros? If so, what would I put in the URL field? Thanks a lot!
  • SvenSven
    well how does your file look like?
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    Ok.. I got the domain #file_links to work.. I put a list (the first "set" of URLs) in one file.

    But how can I make the anchors match up with each domain set?

    I tried


    Also tried not using a macro for the anchors and just putting a spin like


    But in both ways, when I do "test", it does 100% generic (doesn't pull the anchors properly) even though I don't have generic checked.
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    Hmm.. Update: Tried this format


    And it seems the anchors are working now.. Not sure what I did differently.

    Is this the proper format you were referring to above?

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    So I take it when using this method, you can't use the "Domain as anchor text" because it doesn't pull the right info? Just curious.. but other than that it seems this could definitely work for what I'm trying to do!
  • SvenSven
    using the domain as anchor should work just fine because the domain is then taken once the macro is resolved.
  • Well using the format


    And using "Test" preview window in GSA --- domain anchor at 50% to test, it shows weird results as anchor text. sometimes "/", or it will just show the .dat file name.
  • SvenSven
    ok thats a preview issue only
  • Thanks Sven... This should actually work... really appreciate it!!
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    @sven @seoaddict

    Guys a dummy question but does the file have to end with.dat or can it be a txt file.| Does it also have to be dat when using url to point to the file

    The links in the dat file, how should they be sorted -- can it be one link per line, or does it need to be in syntax

    Also is there anyway to pull in the anchors from file with a macro ? something like what @seoaddict tried - #file_links[doms1.dat]##file[ancs1.dat]

  • SvenSven
    can have any extention
  • @royalmice

    #file_links macro pulls a line out of a list of lines.

    So in the file you would put a list of domains / targets.

    Far as the .dat, it's just an old habit from years and years of using GSA.. just stuck with it... but I believe .txt works as well.

    I think #file_links[doms1.dat]##file[ancs1.dat] might work tho im not 100% sure you'd really have to test it
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions

    Great thank you very much i will try this out today and see if i can get it to work.
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    It seems this format is no longer working in the 'test window'.


    It just shows generic anchor text even though I have everything set at 0%.

    Is this just a preview error or did something change since this post?

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    Actually it seems the solution is to paste the same thing in there twice.. It doesn't work if it's only


    But works if I put in


    It works
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    Sorry one last thing .. It seems when I use this format, in the Preview Article (the one in the article manager), it's randomly cutting off most of the article from my template. Is this just a preview error?

    Edit: It only cuts off the article if I add the #file_links[urls.dat]#{hello|world} code in twice (in the URL manager).

    However if I only add it once, the Test preview shows 100% generics. So I supposed if the 'test preview' showing 100% generic is just a test error, it should work with only one.
  • SvenSven
    hmm hard to verify this without the project and data.
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