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Using GSA Captcha Breaker and Death By Captcha together settings?

GSA SER has under Options > Captcha the ability to set GSA Captcha Breaker as choice #1 and Death By Captcha as choice #2.

But within GSA Captcha Breaker there is option to "Send captcha to following service if solving failed".

Should I setup BOTH options, or do I just need it setup in one place or the other? Is setting in place better than the other place?



  • SvenSven
    You should never use that option in Captcha Breaker as you can define that in Search Engine Ranker. However most other tools just allow you to use one captcha service and for that case you can use Captcha Breaker either as a proxy or add more than one service to it.
  • Your quick responses in this forum are very much appreciated. It shows you care about customer service and the product that you produce.


  • SvenSven
    Thanks, I do my best. :)
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