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IP Rotation Proxy

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Just got the chance to test a new proxy provider. Maybe of any use for you guys as well:

You get one proxy with 2 worldwide mix ports  with unlimited threads and connections. They can be used as HTTPS/CONNECT.

GSA users should order using the checkout link above to get the $9 discount off from the regular $39.

Results are really good so have a look.


  • they dont have any details about service?
  • sevapisevapi
    Hi, cloudscraper

    Yes, you can get all details regarding the proxy in the link below:

    However, the pricing on the official site above is more expensive by $10 than if you order using the order link above which allows you to checkout securely using Paypal. The price for GSA users that orders using the link above is $39 and this is a high availability and multi-threaded back-connect/IP rotation proxies with no limit on the amount of threads or connections you can run. :)

    Hope this helps. 

  • MaXMaX Portugal
    I have sent 3 emails days ago still no reply.
  • sevapisevapi
    Max, sorry we must have missed your email and apologies for responding to this old thread. Actually our service was udergoing a series of overhaul. I'm glad to announce that the service is back with better performance.:) 
  • sevapisevapi
    Good news guys!

    Sven just added our fast and improved Backconnect proxy support on GSA SER. ( For GSA users, we are offering a special $9 off on the backconnect proxies standard package of unlimited threads/connections with over 1 million IP pool using this special checkout link: 

    To learn more, please visit our site:

    Skype support: dynamiczone360 
  • SvenSven
    original post was updated with new details.
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