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Ranking YouTube videos with GSA SER (and other) strategies?

I desperately need strategies and suggestions for ranking youtube videos. I have a channel for which I have paid a large amount for original content for a year. I am uploading 2-3 videos everyday. Some are high competition keywords and some not. The channel has 10,000 subscribers and 3 million views, it's 3 years old but the I have only begun regular uploads a couple of months back.

Many of the videos do go to the front page initially after pushing a lot of views but disappear after a couple of days.

I have GSA SER, FSC Networker, GSA Indexer, GSA Captcha, SEO Content Machine, Incresible Indexer subscription, youtube views likes comments subscriptions suppliers, and tags description etc optimization.

Please advise on strategies to rank the videos, my future depends on these videos :)


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    Accepted Answer

    Ranking a video is a process, just building backlinks to it is just one of many things needed.
    Other important factors include but not limited to:
    • video seo ( yes seo can be applied to videos - things like file name, annotations, in video link tags etc )
    • video description seo
    • tag optimization
    • channel optemization
    • video comment seo
    • and more

    Here is a article on video seo that can provide you with some tips -

    If you are looking for VIDEO SEO services then i highly recommend the below service available on my site:

    The idea is to get all the links generated by the above service and then to promote the 100's of backlinks to your video with GSA Search Engine ranker.

  • edited July 2015 Accepted Answer
    Neole if you are back linking your videos in any way in order to rank on YouTube ONLY then you are wasting time and so much money. YouTube does not look at backlinks in order to rank a video, it looks at YT related metrics such as:

    SEO: video title, description, tags. (Video file name is irrelevant, trust me I've tested this)
    Channel authority (how many subs, total views)

    Though the most important ranking method for YouTube is often overlooked - Watch Time (no, not retention). You need to be focused on your YT analytics more instead of backlinks. The higher the "watch time" on each video, the better the chance it has of being, and staying, ranked at the top of YouTube search results. Having a high watch time on a video tells YouTube that this video is relevant to a user who is searching for {description/title/tags}, that this is the content they are looking for.

    If your videos are falling off the top page after a few days then it must becoming apparent to YT that your video is either not relevant to their search needs, or the content is not good enough compared to other videos, or both!

    You already have a high subscriber list so they should contribute to your highest watch time - focus on these guys and try to impress them and the rest should follow


  • I am also seeking answer same as this young man. 

  • Run tests many tests will give you answers you are looking for, stop reading methods go and test!
  • I have not bothered with youtube in the last couple years after a couple tests really showed no positive results and hearing people say youtube ranking in Google as changed. I am curious to hear what others have to say, because youtube used to be so easy to rank videos on Google.
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    embed video on web 2.0 pages ( the more the better)
    promote web 2.0 with GSA ser.

  • NeoleNeole Russia
    royalmice, is this for ranking youtube videos on google or on youtube or on both? How long should the video take to rank after this? I have had no effect for weeks.
  • NeoleNeole Russia
    Thanks royalmice. 

    However I have tried everything you have suggested and more - embeds including your service, backlinks, fcs networker, gsa ser to embeds and backlinks, filenames, views, likes, comments, social signals from everywhere fb, vk, twitter, gplus, video title description tags, ifttt social links. Videos are failing to rank on youtube except for an initial high for 1-2 days when I upload. They just drop after 24-48 hours and stay there.

    I am experimenting with a new video everyday, all original content that gets double the amounts of likes than dislikes on its merit.

    Have you had any luck getting videos to rank on youtube (not google) and stay there?

    A company I know (I go to there office every week) puts up new channels every month. Their main channels are getting millions of views per day from 3 years. For even a new video on a new channel they start getting views without doing anything, no SEO at all.

    I'm wondering if it's only channel authority that matters.

  • NeoleNeole Russia
    Thanks for the reply simo777 .

    I do keep a watch on analytics and watchtime. I see most of the videos on top are ones which are one hour or more long, so their watch time increases. I did try longer videos of one hour, and their watchtimes are higher than short videos. But the incomes on these are surprisingly 10 times less than the shorter videos. Plus they are not ranking either.

    I have read many webpages which say embedding and backlinking ranks youtube videos on youtube. But haven't seen results myself.

    So if what you are saying is correct, does that mean there is no blackhat way to rank youtube videos on youtube? 

    So youtube has essentially beaten blackhatters, while google has not?


  • Its hard to say how long your videos should be unless you want to share the niche. I guess they only need to be as long as it takes to get your message across.

    Embedding and social shares do count to YT rank, but only if those shares are driving views. If YT sees that your video is embedded and shared 100 times on different websites but no views or views from reshares are coming from it then its going to ignore it. YT probabley thinks your video is poor content as, despite all the shares and embeds, nobody is watching from them.

    Try your next video and focus on the on page seo, don't overlook tags - use VidIQ to scrape tags from your competitors videos. Plan to structure the video to make it enticing for users to watch the whole video - e.g. 
    Have a message at the opening of your video something like
    In todays video we'll be talking about:
    1. XXX 
    2. YYY
    3. ZZZ

    I'm not sure if there ever was a black hatters way to rank on YouTube but I've all but given up on trying to rank on Google in my country. Its fairly easy in the US, because Google now looks at country of hosting so my YT videos have been pushed down the G ranks in place of local listings.

    I guess backlinking still good for ranking like tutorials and product demos etc.
  • YvesYves Germany
    I am no expert for video seo but i think social signals/embeds/views/rating/watchtime are the most important factors for ranking youtube videos.

    I have a lifetime account for syndwire and many people are using it to rank videos in low competition niches. I just use it for my pbns together with admefast. I bought it in beta for 300 usd but now its much more dont know if its worth the money though...perhaps give it a try....
  • A lot of people buy views and likes for videos, seems to play a factor.
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