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How many proxies on a 7 tier project?

I am running a 7 tier project to create backlinks to links from FCS Networker (imported using the API). There are around 3000 links imported from FCS Networker, and 50 added daily.

I have set the number of threads to 400. I am using a purchased site list with 100000s of links.

1) How many proxies should I use for this? I have 10 proxies currently from

2) Which indexing service should I use? I am using GSA Indexer already.

3) Should I also be using a captcha solver service? I'm already using GSA Captcha Breaker.

Best Answers

  • Accepted Answer
    7 tiers?
    You mean Tier1<- Tier2 <- Tier3 etc?
    If yest its stupid link scheme. 3-4 tiers are more than enough.

    As many proxies as you can afford, more proxies - more threads. 20-30 shared proxies should be ok. Indexing service depends on your link scheme. If you create large last tier with blog comments you dont need any indexing service tbh. You dont need anything more than CB.
  • edited June 2015 Accepted Answer
    I would run ~300 threads with 30 proxies, are good.
    Your link scheme looks bad to me. Read about tiered link building, what links you should use in tier 1,2,3 etc.


  • NeoleNeole Russia
    Its Tier 1 < 2 < 3 for dofollow and high pr articles etc and parallel Tier 1<2<3 with nofollowlinks and lower pr links and Tier 4 linking multple Tiers.

    Which proxy service do you suggest for price and performance?
  • NeoleNeole Russia
    How many threads should I run on 30 shared proxies?
  • NeoleNeole Russia
    Great, thanks for the advise! I will check out mexela and also the link tiers!
  • Which captccha slover service are you using? and do you run it on vps or just your local computer?
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