SER Keywords versus Anchor Text

When setting up the Data options of a project, I want to confirm what URL, Keywords and Anchor Text.

Is URL = Money Site I am building backlinks too?

Anchor Text = the anchor text I want to appear in the backlink?

Keywords = not sure I understand what this is for. It sounds like it is the keywords you would want to appear in your backlink, but that seems to be what Anchor Text is for. Can somebody help me understand what keywords is used for?



  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    URL = The URL you're building backlinks to E.G. your money site.

    Anchor Text = The anchor text for your backlink. This is an example of an anchor text: GSA Forum

    Keywords = These are the keywords that are used when the software queries the search engine to find websites to build links to. They might also be used in other places such as tags for certain platforms.
  • URL can build links to any or all of the pages on your site but yes it is usually to the home page or money site!

    anchor text is the text people will click on to go to your website and usually is one of your main keywords.

  • I have imported a Site List and am using that and am not scraping/looking for sites to post to, but just want to try and post on the imported site lists.

    So will SER only build a link on a site from the site list if if first finds a Keywords on it? Or is Keywords only used if not using imported site list?


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Accepted Answer
    The keywords are used for when querying the search engines so if you're importing a list, then it's not using the keywords for that. 

    Make sure that you edit your project > go to options tab > look for the box where you select search engines > right click > check none. 

    That way you will only build links to your imported list and not scrape from the search engines, otherwise it will do both.

    If you want it to post to certain sites that only contain your keyword, you would use this option below:


    You can click on the highlighted text to change it to other options.
  • s4nt0s - I did not understand what the Keywords section was for, but now I got it! Thanks, that's what I needed to know!
  • Did not see FAQ before, so that is good to have.

    I did see tutorial videos page already, but there too many videos and many are not labelled or seemed to be on advanced topics. Would be great if there were some links at the top of that video post that linked directly to "videos for total newbs" that are "must watch" videos.

    Thanks again
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