Whats the difference between indexing, pinging and crawling of backlinks?

Newbie question here...

I keep hearing terms that I do not quite understand what they mean exactly. I am new to GSA SER and SEO in general, so forgive this simple question.

I keep hearing about backlinks being indexed and pinged and crawled, but need to understand the difference of these terms and how they relate to each other.



  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    Accepted Answer
    • crawled: means you simply download them or search for new sites to place backlinks on
    • pinging: means you send the URL to special sites where they get to know about new content and start to update there index. Usually happens for search engines.
    • indexing: is a way to force search engines to get a created backlink faster into there index by various ways. There are many like placing temporary links everywhere on the internet to get the search engines attention that this might something they have to index faster.
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