Question about GSCRAPER

I test the demo version of Gscraper, an dyou need good proxie to use it.

my question is, if I buy Gscraper Pro the option "Get proxies from Gscraper server" work with the pro version or I need to buy proxy option ?


  • You need to buy Gscraper proxy service ($66 a month) to use "Get proxies from Gscraper server". I dont think this service is good option tbh. You can get better proxies for this money, or spend less and be able to scrape with good speed.

    Btw - demo version is old and not working properly.
  • ok how much proxy I need to run 100 thread ?
  • That depends on footprints. You need public proxy service for harvesting. Dont use private proxies for harvesting as its not cost effective.
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