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Low amount of contextual engines with GSA SER at the moment

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Hi all, 

The main problem that I'm facing currently with GSA is the lack of contextual engines... all the contextuals i get are mainly K2, buddypress and a bit of wordpress and drupal... how are you coping with this and is there a way to get other contextual engines as well?


  • SvenSven
    well there are many engines that can be added. Right now I have no time adding new once. But I hope some people will share there engines once and start coding.
  • Who can have this done besides you Sven? As having engine/sources diversity kind of crucial when doing an SEO campaign these days...
  • SvenSven
    Well thats why I wrote a script docu, added debug modes and you find several engine scripts on this forum where people explain how to code them. In fact I was hoping that more people would see how powerful this tool is and what they can do with it, but guess Im wrong.
  • I have 0 background in programming... I wonder if someone could do it, anyhow, isn't it your interest in adding new working engines to your software?
  • SvenSven
    Please don't tell me what should be of interest for me. I am adding new sites. There are 600+ engines, nearly all of the engines have been coded by me so please don't say Im not adding new engines. But you have to understand that I am the only coder here and I have also other things to do (adding new features, fixing bugs, releasing new tools...). In the end it's not like noone had the ability to add or improve things on there own. Thats why I build all the tools in a way that people can improve it themselfe.
  • My initial question was regarding only 3 types of contextual links the last 6 months or so, I hear that other users have this problem as well
  • magicallymagically
    edited June 2015

    Could it be that the guide is simply not detailed enough?
    I mean - one thing is the structure for a simple platform + the steps needed.
    But there are other complex ones - they can be difficult for some...

    Anyway - here is an open offer or challange to @everyone

    If there are a few guys here, who are willing to work openly in the forum on making and adding a few more engines - I will be the first one to step in and do my part.

    In other words, let us make a small task-group and together make a few more engines;)

    First one could be an attempt making this one here (should be simpel):

  • Lets also do some kind of a group buy for that, we can invest a few dollars in it for the coders aren't we?
  • magicallymagically
    Well - We could simply encrypt the engines via api if needed...
    10$ fee pr month for future development and updates as an example.

    However - I wont do it alone:P
    This is an open challange to @everyone here.

    Maybe there are other inputs - so consider it as an raw idea.
    Anyway, it should be in others interest too - too add more engines.

    Yeah we can sit tight and keep them to ourselves - but why not share it?
  • @magically I am happy to start coding some new engines, happy to share them with the community with the hope other people would chip in.
  • magicallymagically

    Awesome to see such a spirit:) Really appreciated, and like you I hope to see a few more guys to join.
    Together we can make a few more engines, that we all can benefit from.
  • That's great guys!
  • GSA is not a stand alone tool. It should be one of several you use (imo).

    Yes, the limitations are there. But what GSA SER does is quite remarkable.

    Why not just use another tool with GSA? For example, FCS is excellent at creating diverse Web 2.0's. There is a GSA api. Could not be easier to use. This way you are letting GSA SER do what is does best rather than trying to make things more difficult.
  • It's hard to come up with 10000s of contextual links with FCS or other tools, anyway, if you think what you have is enough than obviously this thread is not aiming towards you...
  • That is true. Seems each tool has limitations if looked at as a stand alone tool. 

    Count me in if you develop enhancements to GSA SER.
  • make access to a folder Engines open to anyone who wishes to edit - for example on, or 
  • How can we progress this?
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