How To Post To Social Network Without The Profile?

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How we can post article to Social Network (Jcow, Elgg, etc) without posting to the profiles? I know that we can disable the engine that are using the profile box so that i GSA do not post profiles, but doing this will hugely decrease the verified links as GSA post article and profile to a lot of sites. Is there another way? Tried only fill "---" in the about yourself box, but GSA still post links in to them. weird.




  • SvenSven
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    Thats how it works. If you don't want to put links in the content, the program will do it for you.

    Sorry but profile links get always created unless you disable it in the engine.ini's

    It's on the to-do list though that you can disable it in gui...but on a more low priority level ;P

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    lol. cool.  :))

    perhaps the fix on the buddypress low success rate could be a priority. :-p

    Version 5 today's submission, over 1000+ still pending submission and can't get it to post.

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