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Process projects sequentially, plus a few quick questions

edited September 2012 in Feature Requests
Following on from a reply on another thread, it would be very useful to be able to process projects sequentially, eg one after another.

Of course, for this to work a stop condition would be required on a project, else the next one will never start. Suitable conditions would be: when no more targets are left (with a direct import) or after x submissions/verified similar to the current pause options.

A graceful way to add this to the interface is something that would need to be considered, and i will give it some thought if it is an option Sven would agree to contemplate.

Anyway, why would it be useful?

Well, there are a number of possibilities this opens up. The one likely to have the most popular appeal is multi-posting to the same site. We can set up one project 1st to register to a bunch of sites, and extra ones to follow that post new content to the same sites.
This is already possible by manipulating project files, but is complicated, requires each project to be started manually after edits, and is easy to screw up.

It would also allow for multi-part processing, such as register in one project, then drop link in the next one (maybe a few days later if you want to) which can help with spam detection.

For those providing a service, it allows for all jobs to be processed in the order they are received: simply add new projects to the queue in the morning, zip and email results from finished ones in the evening. There are a lot of people that do this kind of work, and this could be a big selling point.

There are other benefits but i do not want to write an essay here!

Now i can see an objection being "Its already pretty complicated, this will confuse people" and i understand that thinking: If this will at least be contemplated, i will spend some time thinking how to implement it from a GUI perspective.

I of course do not know how much the architecture of the program would need to be altered to do this, but it already utilizes start/stop conditions with the pause options, so hopefully it is not a massive change.

Of course it is Svens feedback i am most interested in, but i would like to here other user feedback as well.

EDIT quick question for Sven, when a project already has verified urls, but the cache has been deleted, i see it still skips sites with an existing verified link. How does this work? Does it check the verified links list 1st?


  • +1 for this feature. I think this is the next bigger step for SER when multiposting is possible.
  • Thanks Bytefaker. 

    Another quick question for Sven:

    Is there any way i can get GSA to just post data to a supplied URL without it doing ANYTHING else, eg no downloading the page 1st, no checking it for existing links, just open a socket, post, check server response (even that last bit is not required) and move on to the next?

    I ask because i am trying to remove a piece of homemade software from my workflow. GSA can already post to what it does, but is currently a lot slower. 

  • SvenSven

    The following will submit a POST request to the URL. Have a look in trackback or pingback engine.


    modify url=

    post data=var1=value1&var2=value2...

  • Thanks, i'll have a look and see how slim i can make it. I presume an initial GET request must be made to identify the platform (even if i only supply correct sites), but i will test.

    Any feedback on the sequential processing? It would certainly make my workflow ten times easier and make a few other bits of software redundant.
  • SvenSven
    I bookmarked this thread to add this sooner or later ;)
  • Fantastic, looking forward to it.
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