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Odd Links

Well I think I screwed up some of the settings in GSA ser, as I am getting so odd backlinks


message in a bottle (18%) c:\keyword c:\keyword c:\keyword (12%) message in a bottle wedding invitation (8%) beach wedding invitation (7%) [主页] (7%) christmas craft (6%) message in a bottle gift (4%) message in a bottle invitations (3%) message in a bottle wedding invitations (2%) view web page (2%) first anniversary paper gift (2%) wedding invitations (2%) first anniversary gift (1%) (1%) <a>noText</a> (1%) message in a bottle party invitations (1%) visit poster's website (1%) homepage (1%) fast products in gift clarified (1%) party invitations (1%) first anniversary (1%) gift (1%) wedding invitation (1%) gift for her (1%) destination wedding invitations (1%) (1%) homepage besuchen (1%) gift to bring on first date (1%) divorce (1%) gift to get you laid (1%)


most specifically c:\keyword c:\keyword c:\keyword (12% - <a>noText</a> (1%) - 


anyway to clean these up have them removed?


Thanks for the help.


  • SvenSven
    some engines allow you to remove links. For that you right click ont he project->show urls->verified urls->select urls->right click->remove links...
  • Thank you for the help, where are those odd links coming from?  my list or ? 

    Can I target the links or will it kill them all?  Any to segregate just those links?
  • SvenSven
    the anchors are set by you I would say. SER is not creating such anchors on it's own. Maybe a misspellec macro or alike.
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