Captchatronix or Reverseproxies OCR for Recaptcha and other captchas

Which one is better? I have used reverseproxies ocr in the past, it was great, it could solve a lot of captchas, but how good is captchatronix?


  • GipsyKingsGipsyKings My Own Server
    I have not used reverseproxies ocr but here is my experience with Captchatronix .

    I use it as a backup in Captcha breaker to solve all non solved captches by GSA CB. I use 50 private proxies and set the solving time between 8 - 13 seconds , the result is that Captcha breaker solved 100% , Captchatronix solved around 50 - 65 % which is good for 15 bucks a month. 

    Yes it solves ReCaptches but when you feed it slowly or you can go and feed it very fast if you have as much as private proxies to avoid the complicated Recaptches that can't be solved even by humans at or yourself.

    I need to find out more about other Recaptcha solvers, If there is any experience from our colleagues here.
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