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UBot supports Captcha Breaker in upcoming Version +Special Offer


Maybe you've had this problem.

A lot of marketers spend ALL their time outsourcing.... finding people to pay...and then they spend ALL their money paying them.

But outsourcing costs often skyrocket, people are hard to manage, and letting outsourcers know our secret marketing methods is dangerous...

The BEST solution is to SKIP outsourcing - and choose custom automation. So I got you a special deal.

With automation, there's no bleeding money month to month. You get life-time updates for free.

For the NEXT TEN DAYS you can get a special discount on the best custom automation suite available - UBot Studio 5.7 - only through this GSA special offer!

CLICK HERE for the special TEMPORARY 25% GSA discount on UBot Studio!


Just like with GSA's tools, the best marketers in the business get the job done with tools that have a single, one-time, LOW cost.

And they are EVEN MORE affordable when you can get a SPECIAL, SECRET, ONE-TIME discount.

UBot Studio is the incredible automation suite the best marketers use, and it even works directly with GSA Captcha Breaker. In just 10 seconds with UBot Studio you can build a bot that will send a captcha straight to GSA.

Here's a video example:

UBot Studio does nearly any kind of web automation you need - it's basically a lifetime of outsourcing for under $200.

And JUST for the NEXT TEN DAYS you can get a special discount.

CLICK HERE for the special discount link for the Standard Edition.


Here's why you NEED to check this out:

  1. If you are trying to automate sites, you need some customization. You need to be able to automate every part of YOUR process. If you can think of it - you can use this program to help automate it.
  2. If you are paying for a developer to build software that automates sites, you will save money with UBot in lots of other ways. Think of it as giving you the ability to outsource your entire business to small apps that you create. Anything you do online - backlinking, social media, updating accounts, posting, scraping - whatever your specific business needs! And it truly doesn't take much work to built a customized product just for you.
  3. There's no additional fees for it - once you purchase it, your license is good forever. If you decide to upgrade at any time in the future to new versions, it's a low cost of less than $9 per month. And it's a product that just keeps giving and has kept improving for over 5 years now.
  4. UBot Studio 5.7 was just released TODAY. Along with support for GSA Captcha Breaker, it includes new features including Charting, Compression and Decompression, and Encryption. This software just keeps getting better and better!

I really worked hard on getting you a special deal on this amazing product because I know it will help at least one of you out there, and because it works so well with GSA Captcha Breaker. There's more information on their homepage. I'd recommend the Professional Edition because of the additional features, but you can always upgrade. So remember: you have ten days to check this deal out.

Here's the Standard Edition link again - Remember, You Save 25%!

With the Pro Edition you get way more features.

And click here for the best automation tool in the business, UBot Studio Developer Edition: You save a crazy $150 off!

Remember this offer expires at Midnight, on Sunday, June 14!


  • Is this something non-techies can use with some studying up or is the learning curve too great?

    For example, it would be nice to command gscraper to start and stop, remove dupes and save file here. Then have gsa ser access the file etc for processing. 

    If you have already automated this process please share your thoughts. 

    Joe Kuhustletu
  • Hey Joe,

    I own uBot Studio Dev. Edition and yes that would be pretty easy to do in uBot Studio.

  • SvenSven
    I just noticed that Seth at UBot Studio raised the price on every Edition of UBot Studio.

    But you've still got two days - until Sunday at Midnight - to use the special GSA discount price I was able to get from him a week ago. This is crazy - I had no idea the prices were going up, so you NEED to get this now. I mean, UBot Studio is an incredible automation suite, used by the best marketers who need to truly automate their IM business. I'm not surprised their prices have finally gone up.

    But I can't believe the price of UBot Studio Developer literally went up $300 overnight.

    Anyway, for you the price right now is crazy low:

    CLICK HERE for the special GSA discount on UBot Studio!

    So while Standard is $300 on their home page, you can STILL get it for $197. (30% OFF).

    But the more incredible thing - through this discount you can now get Pro and Developer Editions at 50% OFF.

    Click here for the Pro Edition, which has way more features that real marketers need

    And click here if you're a hardcore marketer who has to have the best. You can get UBot Studio Developer Edition: You save a crazy $450!

    Remember this offer expires at Midnight, on Sunday, June 14!
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