GSA search engine ranker only 197 dofollow links in 2 days

Only 197 dofollow links in 2 days

I use a VPS with 2 gig of ram

I use GSA captcha breaker with Spamvilla

I use 10 private proxy

100 thread

in my GSA i check skup sites with PR below 3 because I want only good link on good website. and Dont want to be penalized.


someone can help me with that ?


  • On one can help me ?
  • You should get that in minutes...Do you have good verified list?
  • I dont use list.

    better if i use list ?

    if yes you know where i can get it.

  • Without a list you have 0.01% success compared to verified list in my opinion. 

    Just search for "verified list" here in forum and you will find many to choose from.
  • with verified list how i can set GSA to post only url in the list ?
  • Right click your current project name in SER and import url list.

  • Can you give me only 1 URL where i can get good quality list ?

    Thank for your help.

  • None are free, you have to buy 1 or more each month.

    I have build mine from scratch and I keep adding more and more each month.

    It's a constant process, because all list wear out eventually.
  • ok then where i can buy  it ?
  • When I import the files do I have to uncheck all search engine in setting ?
  • gsa8mycowsgsa8mycows

    Did you buy this account on this forum? You registered in September 2013.
    2 years with this software should have taught you a lot, of which is there is no visible sign for you.
    Search engines are independent of list importing, so no you don't have to.
  • Then when I import the list I click start that it ?
  • gsa8mycowsgsa8mycows
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    unless the project edit screen doesn't give you errors, then yes you can just start your project. look around for optimal settings on this forum and on blackhatworld. don't buy link lists until you know what you are doing or you will be disappointed.
  • I rent a VPS with

    2GB RAM
    2 Cores CPU
    200GB SATA/50GB SAS
    Unmetered bandwidth
    1Gbps Port
    Windows Server 2008 R2

    I rent 10 private proxy high speed

    I use with GSA Search engine Ranker

    Captcha Breaker

    can you tell me if its a good start ?
  • gsa8mycowsgsa8mycows
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    Your vps is good for start but...
    You need verified list service (around $50 a month)
    More proxies so SER can scrape - 10 private proxies are not enough for scraping. You need 30-50 private or more.
    Gscraper/Scrapebox + dedicated server + proxies for harvesting so you can create own lists.
    This way or another you need to spend more $$. You are probably newbie so i would go for verified lists service.
  • 1linklist to buy list is good ? or better to buy list on forum ?
  • scrape your own list. that way you can control the quality of the list. unless of course you are just set on blasting upper tiers with spam links, then it doesn't matter. you want to scrape a list with footprints and keywords relevant to your efforts, not anyone else's.

    scrapebox is a good solid choice. if you can get V2 is is lightning fast. make sure you have good proxies.

    list, proxies, settings. then you are good to go.
  • Need some help from the established GSA SER gurus here. I am currently using Gscraper to scrape for URLs with my keywords and footprints. I am only at 32% completion, and I already have over 152 million URLs. I did set up Gscraper to create new text files every 1 million URLS, but it's been almost 9 days, and I am only at 32 % completion with over 152 million URLS. The thing is I have used about 8 million of the 152 million URLS so far in GSA SER and only got just 3600 Verified URLs. I am concerned that that's extremely low. 3600 Verified URLs from over 8 million scraped URLs?  Since it seems these URL lists are not too good, should I abort the scraping at this point or just let it keep scraping?

    I need your professional input here. What do you suggest I do? Please help.
  • luckyman2luckyman2 Aku ada di sini untukmu :*
    forget it dofollow or nofollow, but now ... focus on high Domain Authority, Page Authority and OBL < 100
    for fast indexed big G.. it seen "natural" and good quality #advice from me :D
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    You need good proxies for Gscraper or you wont get anywhere.
    You need to remove duplicate urls/domains before you feed Ser with urls.
    You need to create own footprints - import footprints from all Ser engines wont give you good results.
    + ofc good keywords. Default Gscraper kws are good for start.
  • I have scrapebox its good to scrape URL ?

  • @satyr85 I understand removing duplicate URLs, but if I remove duplicate domains, won't I be missing out on potential verified URLs? Please she d more light on this strategy. Thanks.
  • encourag3r
    Image comments, blog comments, pingback, trackack - thats only engines where removing duplicate domains is not needed. You need to make separate harvesting for engines mentioned above above, and separate harvesting for all other engines.

    If you dont remove duplicate domains you wont get any extra links from quality engines and you will waste alot of time.
  • WOW......@satyr85  .....thanks a lot for the pointers, .....I never knew. Moving forward I will be separating Harvesting for those engines. Thanks again.
  • Someone can sell a good list
  • someone can sell me a good list ?
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