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Captchatronix does it really solve any captchas ? ( see photo)

andrewandrew France
edited June 2015 in GSA Captcha Breaker
I thought captcatronix will be the replacement for death by captcha for me but look how it solves captchas .



  • gsa8mycowsgsa8mycows
    edited June 2015
    You need to give them some time and at least a medium sized of captchas to draw any conclusions.
    I've noticed some very low solving rates with captcha breaker. I don't use external services.
    CB seems to solve a lot, but also has a lot of problems with the ones it identifies and gives a wrong answer for.
    Recaptcha is getting out of control. I wonder what xrumer uses for recaptcha because they boast on BHW for being able to solve recaptcha.
  • andrew
    Captchatronix cant replace manual captcha solving services like DBC. Forget about it.
    It was good for recaptcha some time ago - now im not sure how it works for recaptcha.

    Xrumer team works hard to get recaptcha cracked and its only software on market able to crack recaptcha out of the box. I bet many paid captcha solving services around use XR to break recaptcha.

  • andrewandrew France
    edited June 2015
    Well, things are getting nastier,  I asked for refund, instead they locked down my account and no refund :(
  • andrewandrew France
    refund was done.
  • I just tried the 1 day trial of captchatronix and imo it can't solve any recaptcha. Captchatronix works like CB or might be CB is better than captchatronix. lol i hope they won't locked down my account too im just being honest here
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