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i have been reading jacob king's stuff and honestly i think he gives solid advice.

anyone paid for his membership at this new website? would love to get reviews before jumping


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    He is probably good at seo, but you wouldn't really get anything that you can't find out yourself or free on the internet. Just because it's private and paid, doesn't mean that g spamployees can't buy their way in, having the fun ruined.

    I had it on my mind to buy membership, but it would have been stupid. Very stupid.
  • hardcorenuker if you read anything from guys like Jacob or Matthew or Perry, that means only 1 thing and one thing only. They have affiliate link on them.

    SEO has changed a lot and these guys are suffering affiliate income problems, since most SEO software has little effect, and most of the content generators are for only tier3. So they are stuck, can't generate income and trying to pump out the things that they can get monthly commissions.

    Just look at these SEO IMs pumping out in the past 6 months. All are monthly billing products.

  • If someone has nailed down a successful seo/blackhat method the last thing they would do is sell it off to people. It's like sports betting. The best sports bettors don't want to be recognized or have their successful betting methods exposed. Meanwhile the hack sports bettors sell their picks because they suck. The same goes in any field really. "Those who can't do, teach" 
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    @derdor: I know Jacob King's and Matthew Woodward's blog, but what is Perry first name or do you have a link to his blog?

  • Perry Marshall??
  • Another "Dom Lapre" - don't waste your money. 
  • u guys do have your point and yes nobody will give their methods out. but we have to bear in mind that there is a check and balance on the internet, those who pay and feel ripped off will be barking out bad reviews on the internet.

    in his tips, i was thinking if it can save me some good effort and time thro automation, it could be worth a lot and easy to roi, i have 20 sites generating money myself and i dun need need a magic formula, but anyway looks like no can give a review after purchasing his stuff. :P

  • To be honest, when i ever i paid for a premium account on some forum i was disappointed with what i got on that "premium" section and regret the decision a moment after lol...This could be different, but who knows, price is a little bit too high for just a forum, $200 for 1st month and then $50 every follow month. 
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    Depends on the Forum. For example Blackhatcommunity has a scraper which is very usefull for pbns.
  • I'm a member of BlackHat Stacks and Jacob and Joe are doing a pretty great job at helping people who ask any questions. They've even revealed some gold nuggets of what's working within their webinars which are recorded. I've talk to Jacob a ton and have gone back and forth on what they can do to make that community great. They want to stay concentrated on growing a small and tight-knit community. It's pretty simple, if you have a question on almost anything they'll answer it to their best of their knowledge and go above and beyond to help you out. I'm not complaining about anything at all I love being a member, but I'm also a member of BH.C.

    The current live case study he is working on was a Negative SEO campaign against a competitor - they carry out live case studies and at the same time do webinars where anyone can ask a question, so it's one of those things where getting access to people and knowledge is one of the benefits. They've even created their own personalized guides to how they spam and people are using it to make money. It's really up to you on how much you are willing to invest in being successful.

    People are always looking for that magic bullet that will solve everything, but really the magic bullet is in test and re-testing your own theories, but if someone has done the test before hell why not pay to learn from their mistakes, successes, and get their advice, then do your own tests to have your own success. You still need to grind day in and day out at anything before you become successful.

    I know Jacob talks a lot about GSA cause it's one of his main go-to tools, combine some of his techniques with Grind's GrindLists and it's pretty difficult to not get some success unless you really just aren't trying.
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    I dunno, I'm pretty obsessed with shoothing holes in stories from "gurus" and lets just say that it isn't hard at all to do with Jacob King. Not saying he doesn't have any solid advice at all or his PAID (it always is lol!) forum is crap, but from the things I've read I definitely wouldn't pay a penny to join that forum.

    BTW, while I greatly respect you CCarter, I really wonder wether you'd jump in if Jacob didn't push SerpWoo at every possibility. 
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    @rogerke - Yes I would. I haven't brought my CCarter Weekly series to BHS cause it's a small community, I instead brought that to BH.C. I've been going back and forth with Jacob King for a long time before there was even the idea of SERPWoo. He's one of the solid guys that gives advice if you simply ask. I literally was on here cause I saw someone mention a mistake about SERPWoo then saw this thread pop up in the feed, if I hadn't seen it I wouldn't have commented or known about it.

    This thread is asking for reviews of BHS, so I gave a review - being a member I figure I might be in some what a decent position to give one. And if you noticed my "review" I do hit on that you still have to grind at this day in and day out and there is no magic bullet. If you find someone that knows GSA SER and how to manipulate it like the Grindstones, eliquids, or Jacob Kings - soak up all the knowledge possible - hell why not? I'm completely anti-course and "one weird trick to making millions online" - none of those people teach that. They teach you different aspect of spamming and blackhatting that you still have to put to work.

    If you invest money into a software and have no clue how to use it and refuse to learn from people that use it, then you'll find yourself taking the longer path to the same goal. Not a single person is forcing you to become a member, cause becoming a member won't generate you a single dollar - doing actual work will.

    And SERPWoo is a phenomenal product, if I do say so myself - it showcases majestic, moz, and ahrefs metrics and social signals, Alexa, whois data, and more for EACH URL ranking in the top 30 for every keyword you are tracking with it. I mean if you want to look and see how strong the competition is - it's the tool for this, so if it's the best of the best, why wouldn't a person like Jacob King, Grindstone, even Viperchill all tell people to jump on board? We didn't have an affiliate program for a long time and those guys were still pushing it, cause they loved the steps we allowed them to skip in analyzing niches. :) It's also amazing for Online Reputation Management and Local SEO - I mean damn... :)

    Your turn in our tug of war:

  • There is no community at all, it's a graveyard. I got suspended for asking 4-6 questions and money refunded. 
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    To Anonymous ^^

    That is totally untrue and I think your expectations of a private forum or any forum for that matter are a bit crazy.

    Every question you posted was answered in either stickied thread or could have been easily found. Even another member responded and told you that linking to the appropriate resources. That's fine, people make this mistake. But you did it an insane amount, then within an hour started posting hey, is nobody here? What is going on?! And sending emails to every email address I have, it was pretty ridiculous.

    This after you said you had trouble with another paid SEO community...

    So instead of dealing with someone completely unreasonable, I sent you a full refund and wished you the best of luck.

    Here is a screenshot of the forum as of today:


    Alive and well :-)

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    Why don't you screenshot "Online Users" ;) Forum got no active community and that's the fact! You had really much pain to come on your own forum and answer 4-6 questions. That was soo hard and so much work that you just had to get rid of someone. The moment I asked questions I waited 2-3  days for respond and I had to bump thread for you to come and see. "And sending emails to every email address I have, it was pretty ridiculous. " I sent you just email when you suspended me and that's it. So it's funny and ridiculous how much you lie now that I spammed you with emails, what emails? I don't know any email of yours, I used contact form from your blog site and that's it. That's my review of your forum. It would be better if you created course because obviously you don't know meaning of "Forum" and what forums are for. If you think posting your tutorials once and keep chilling for 1 year with no any new updates of content and finding it hard responding to people is normal thing. Then what to say. Good luck with your "Private Forum full of community and helpful people" ;)
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    Ok to recap, we started our relationship with you emailing me telling me some other forum wasn't active enough for you and asked some questions about BHS. I told you people post regularly and I post daily, which is true.

    You signup, start creating threads and posting questions all over that have literally been answered multiple times. Even to the point that ANOTHER member of our "non active" forum responded and linked some other threads for you. Meanwhile you must have had way too much coffee or something because I'm getting PM'd, threads bumped, and my contact forms are being hit all within a couple hours. This after I had already replied to your posts several times in the forum.

    Like you expect me to literally sit on the forum 24/7 answering your questions and never actually doing any SEO? The other members too, they should be on as well ready to lend you a helping hand at a moments notice?

    At that point I decided the forum was not for you and sent you a FULL refund. How you could not be happy with that is beyond me. Saying our community is dead couldn't be further from the truth. Either way, best of luck to you.
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