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Solve Proxy problem with Proxy-N-VPN

I'm running just one project and i got it 5 private proxies from Proxy-N-VPN and wont stay live for more them 5 min after I start my project.
using private for search, sub and PR checking

btween search 120 sec

100 threads

timeout 5 sec

any recommendation here to make this work ....


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    edited June 2015
    Decrease your thread count by a lot. 5 proxies isn't much at all for 100 threads, even if you have a delay. Specially if you are doing PR checking as well, might need to turn down the threads by quite a bit. 

    I'm confused while this is listed under GSA Proxy Scraper category? Aren't you referring to SER?
  • ths for the reply ..

    it's important to do pr checking since that I have pr checked out from my options ??

    i'm using public proxy now and my LPM is 6.45, it is seens a bit low, how do I increase that number .. i'm on a budget here, just purshased this software + GSA Captcha + MassEmail + SerEngines + Indexification

    since that i have a question for proxy, I choose the proxy category unless i'm mistaken.

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