Spamvilla Suck

I use with GSA Search engine ranker these

1. Captcha breaker
2. Spamvilla
3. Reverseproxies OCR

rates 28%

yesterday on 5000 captchar only 769 captcha solved 19%

why ?


  • magicallymagically
    I can only confirm the same unacceptable experience:


    Reverseproxies OCR claims they have increased their success rate significantly - unfortunately that is not the case in my end....

    I made a reply in their support thread - no response for hours - My guess is that they are busy celebrating all their new customers;)
  • Now my rate is 1% on 300 captcha that strange
  • magicallymagically
    Yeah I know - it's really sucking bad!
    I will change into another one - hopefully more reliable ASAP
  • have 38% rate with spamvilla.
  • edited June 2015
    I use

    Captcha tronix 1 retrie
    reverseproxy 1 retrie
    Spamvilla 1 retrie
    Imagetypers dofollow "only"

     65-75% solved

    other three services also text recognition type " testcapchasolver " for questions. Many services and money , but it costs a lot to publish and find it's not worth letting them pass . More than $ 200 a month just to solve captchas and questions
  • haryonoharyono in your heart
    I'm more prefer not use any anti recaptcha service I more prefer pay someone to manually input recaptcha for 0.1 USD for every verified link (not submitted link).
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