New to GSA SER

Hello I am New to GSA SER Family Could you please guide me In these Cases

1) Private Proxies / Semi-private proxies Which to use and What Config to use Currently I am using these

2) Captcha Services 
I am using GSA ser only to blast my upper tiers so i didn't want to pay for human captcha solvers but need maximum submissions based on programs
Could you Suggest me Some Captcha Solvers Other than GSA CB here is my Setting for it and my captcha stats

3) Indexing 
No to Indexing Services let google Index it although I have SEO indexer But I use it in Quick index Mode and With public proxies getting LPM of 500 On it
Any Suggestions for it

4) maths Captcha Solver
Currently No Solver for it , Any Suggestions

5) Should I use SER engines
Are they Good Compared to FCS 

Thank You guys Hoping I didn't Bored You


  • SvenSven

    1. public proxies are never that good, especially for search engine requests you use public who might all be banned already.

    2. decaptcher or death by captcha is always a good choice for quality links at least (use some filters). I also would consider using a recaptcha only service for a fixed amount as one of the following:

    3. should be fine with that

    4. math captchas should be solved automatically as a lot other text captchas. For the rest you might want to use a solver or not...up to you.

    5. yes, just my personal view but does a good job and i would always recommend that, at least when you rely on web2.0.

  • GSAfanclubGSAfanclub Iraq
    edited June 2015
    Thank You Sven For Replying 
     1) Public proxies for Searching ?? Will It not ban My proxies . I have Only 30 Semi Proxies From

    2) I am keeping my hands away from Human based captcha Services . but i looked at some of the Programes like eve , spamvilla etc etc Which solves Captcha Too Do You Recommend it ?

    4 ) For text based captcha . Should I go with Spamvilla As it will benefit me In both hard captchas and Text Solving at a reasonable price

    And One More thing How much Do you think My Submits and Verfied Link Will increase When I Go with any of these programes

    5) Do Web 2.0 Really Work good For BH niches ? Or Should I rely On PBNs
  • SvenSven

    1) increase the time between search engine queries to 120 seconds and use others amoung G. and it should be fine

    2) well recaptcha is used a lot. I would maybe use it one month and see if it works for you

    4) i haven't compared there text service with others. Maybe other customers can help you here

    5) SEO based question, I leave this to others to answer

  • Thanks Sven For Reply 

    I Just encountered an Error Could You Please Look and Explain me How to Fix it 

    Here are My New Proxy Settings Is Everything Alright with it
  • SvenSven
    an error with email logins is nothing serious. Happens all the time. If this is permanent you should be alarmed though.
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