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alternative for buy dedicated or shared proxies

is this an good alternative for to use proxie services?

I have Proxy Multiply - but is too much work and takes to much time to find good fast proxies that stay alive long
even the option in GSA SER is working better - problem is that "suddenly" you scrape too much and then the testing takes too long and you have to re-test also a few times

so what i would like to have is
- scrape just a selected number - say 100 to 500 - by selected continents or countries - selected only fast and elite and/or anonymous
as an alternative for buying proxies services
Are this the functions the software ?
And how much will be the frequency (1x daily, week or month) and how much time will it take?

Thx Harry


  • no one ?
  • gsa8mycowsgsa8mycows
    you will spend your time scraping and testing for public proxies instead of carrying on with your business. I've done that with scrapebox and it's a nightmare.

    you can buy shared and dedi proxies and be done with the pain. also, you can buy and manage proxy servers, but those are expensive somewhat and you need a provider that doesn't give a damn about spam complaints.

    you can also try backconnect proxies that rotate public proxies for you. or you can get try to portscan proxies which also need babysitting. proxyfire is a tool for that and charon as well I think. Never used any of them.

    some hosts and service providers don't like their ip ranges to be scanned so port scanners to be aware of that.
    there's a guy on bhw that sells port scanned public proxies. he's done this for years.

    you've got multiple options, so see what meets your needs.
  • i think you just need to buy some cheap backconnect proxies. save your time :)
  • agree with previous comments, but also, if $30 is too much for your budget to get private proxies, then maybe using GSA isn't for you. It really is a small cost to pay for such an incredible piece of software. In other words, the benefits of paying for private proxies far exceed the cost. Good luck.
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