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Exclusive GSA LinkLists Filtered by TF Constant Update Hands Off Launch Discount

Exclusive GSA Linklists

Why buy lists that get whored out to 100s of other spammers with GSA blasting 24/7 when you can get an exclusive? You watch your freshly made links turned into suspended pages is what happens, which is just a waste of time.

Tired of your backlinks turning into 

Then get exclusive

What you get.

A completely customizable exclusive linklist auto-updated to your dropbox in realtime. If you want only forum links? We can do that. Only contextual? No problem. Only comment/trackback spam? Whatever you want. It's your list, get only what you want. We can run whatever GSA filters you want us to run. 

We'll even run your urls for link discovery! All you need to do is provide us with a project backup file with your links and content and we'll use this project for link discovery. We'll add our own emails and make the proper setting changes ourselves. You won't get this with the other guys.

We are also able to filter your verified lists via Majestic Trust Flow (optional). Just let us know your requirements and we will give you only what you want.


How soon will I get setup?
Within 1 business day in most cases.

How do I get access to my linklist?
We use dropbox and your links are updated in realtime.

What kind of LPM can I expect?
LPM is overrated. What good is really high LPM when the links you’re making get shared to 100s of other users and become dead shortly after? That being said, your list will be highly optimized and provide you with great targets for your GSA campaigns. Your server is also a huge factor, I can help you with that.

What kind of captcha service will I need?
Each list will be Captcha Breaker optimized so that is the only service you’ll need. Some recaptcha stuff will slip through (as CB can solve some of them) so a recaptcha service wouldn't hurt.

Do you offer an identified list?
Not at this time, but that is definitely in the works.

How many links will I start out with?
Lists are made from scratch so you won't start out with any links. That will quickly change however.

How much?
We are going to offer this for $79 per month. However just to get things going we will grandfather the first batch of customers in at only $39 per month. You can't even get whored out lists for that cheap! 

What happens after I order?
Get in touch with me on Skype at marc.laclear and we'll have a chat about your requirements for your linklist.

What do you mean by exclusive? Does nobody else get any of the same sites in their lists?
Exclusive means that nobody else will have your exact same link list. The only urls/sites on your list will be ones verified with your own personal discovery projects. 

Refund policy?
This is a digital product and no refunds will be given once service has started. You'll be happy with this anyway 

Get Locked In at $39 a month

Price will go up without warning.


  • artlanartlan Canada
    Hello Marc,

    Let's say that I would like only TF 20+ contextuals  with < 10 OBL - what is the min. amount will you be able to provide on a daily basis?

    Can you explain 'run your urls for link discovery'? Do you mean that you will scrape for specific platforms or do you mean that you'll  scrape for niche related targets to post to?

    Thanks and good luck!

  • @artlan

    OBL isn't important with contextuals since SER makes their own page with your article.  As far as tf 20 is concerned you'll probably maintain a list of 2000 domains or more with this service.  This is just an estimate and could be more or less.  We're not about getting you x amount of links per day but maintaining you a postable list.

    We will concentrate our efforts on only the platforms you want links from.  We'll also use your urls so you're getting links AND the lists at the same time.  We don't look for niche related at this time but we may be able to do that at a later date.
  • Sign up for free and try the lists for 10 days.

    There is absolutely no risk. See what a custom, TF metric filtered list will do for your GSA SEO efforts at no charge.

  • I use this service from 3-4 days and i can only say big WOW. The op delivered exactly what he say. High TF links. He build project just for you with your recommendations. If you want links only from sites that have TF 10, this is the man. Highly recommended.
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