Best setup of projects

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5 projects with the same setup and use of platforms. Just different URLs, anchors and articles of course.

I use the same keywords (generic - not targetting the project) on them as well to search for new targets.

Now I'm thinking, this is kinda stupid - making GSA do the same work 5 times. Should I just set GSA to search for new targets on ONE project, and set the last 4 projects to submit to URLs from the database (submitted, verified)?


  • No response to this? Perhaps I was unclear:

    5 projects - same keywords on all projects
    Same platforms used on all 5 projects

    Is the correct procedure to let 1 project hammer away with search engines, and let the last 4 only post to sites from the global site list?

    It seems like a waste of resources having all 5 projects doing the same scraping and blasting?
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