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[ASK] Which Proxy Type Works The Best With GSA Email Verifier?

edited May 2015 in GSA Email Verifier

I like to ask, which proxy works the best with GSA Email Verifier?

I try using 20 shared proxies from buyproxies, it dies in matter of minutes
I try using proxies from No Hand Proxy, to many unsure status found
I try banditIM 10 thread back-connect proxy, also the same.. to many unsure found

can anyone share, what is the best way to verify the list?



  • sevapisevapi

    Actually most proxies provider do not enable port 25 which is mandatory if you need to use it in GSA email verifier to verify emails. Although some proxy providers can allow you access to port 25, the result is always very poor and you can hardly get any good result because the proxies cannot emulate a real SMTP server in the proper way :)

    Have you tried the API in the program which allows you to use an external cloud-based API to verify emails without any risk of blacklisting your IPs? 
  • socks
  • NetMajomNetMajom | skype: nszmmp
    edited June 2015

    I use with sock 4 - 5, and web types, very well. Harvest from the Proxy scraper. Now, the import, and test function is manual, but sven told me, soon there will be an automated way to import, and test the proxies from the txt file every X minute. So, the Proxy Scraper is an awesome tool for the verifier. I have bought the verifier for 2 weeks ago, and my result is awesome: sucessfully get almost 200K VALID (green) email
  • @NetMajom, Whoch proxy scraper you using? Is it gsa proxy scraper? Do you use delauft settings or you edit the settings?
  • NetMajomNetMajom | skype: nszmmp
    I use GSA Proxy Scraper, and filtering Sock 4 Sock 5 and Web proxies. I got unsure result too, but i run again, and again, and i will haver green results when rerun again.I have editted the settings, but changing every time, because i'm new on the verifier, and try to have the best settings. Anyway, i'm very exited about the automated update, because now, is very frustrated, to every 20 or 30 minutes i must import the proxies manually, and test it.
  • Thanks @NetMajom.. Will try to use the trial before purchase it.
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