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Bug in modify project>import>account data>from clipboard

sittesitte poland
I think there is a bug in function: modify project>import>account data>from clipboard or maybe I cannot understand why it's working like this. I use it to import wordpress account data for my own blogs and want to add 10 post's a day (one post for each wordpress for specific project).

1. First thing is that after I use import to one project, data imports to all projects.
2. The second thing: If project has 10 submit limit a day and I import accounts data today, they don't work the next day. Errors are:

If I add the same list again it works fine. Can somebody help me with this?


  • SvenSven

    1. it only imports to selected projects. make sure you do not select a group here.

    2. this should not have anything to do with today/day after.

  • sittesitte poland
    I tested few times. I select one project, go to modify project>import>account data>from clipboard it asks if It should import urls as well (I say yes) and  got modal: Imported 70 Accounts to each project. Whe I start it runs all projects to all accounts. Am I doing something wrong?
  • SvenSven
    accounts are only imported to selected projects.
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