How do I random file

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support for a new macro called #random[a..z,A..Z,0..9,@,!,;]   #random[#file=0..
             this will insert a char from the given range into the field
i have 10 txr file
but #random[#file=0..10].txt No effect


  • SvenSven
    #random[] macro is working but I don't see a use in having it support nested macros here.
  • i thank random file {}this not  support
    {#file=c:\1.txt|c:\2.txt}i need this  but  {} not suport
  • SvenSven
    edited January 2013
    What about {%file-file1.txt%|%file-file2.txt%|%file-file3.txt%}
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