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SER 4.99/CB 1.52 Native Mode/Webservice doens't work

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I've the latest version of both products and started them both as adminitrator. I let run CB with the webserver option unchecked and switched my first captcha solving service to "Captcha Breaker". When I click in SER on "Test" it tells me that CB is not running. 

Then I've tried to do it as web-service. When I click "Test" in CB my browser displays the test page. I switched SER then to DeCaptcher and hit "Test" in SER but it's unable to communicate. It tells me that the hosts file is modified but I've got only the GB entries inside it.

Are there any other possibilities to try? Can I provide additional information?

I'm using it on a Win2k8 (latest updates). CS is installed too but not running. Both tools are installed to the default path and licensed (didn't test it because I completely trust in Sven, also bought the non-price reduced version to "donate" a little bit). I'm using PowerupHosting (4 CPU Plan).




  • Try to reinstall your CB.
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    I'm having the same issue. SER 4.98 works though, so I'm using that atm. If i try to use 4.99, it doesnt work, I close that and open up 4.98 and it works.
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    @poweruphosting: Did this, but nothing changed. It doesn't work at my side. But I don't think it's a problem with your environment.
  • @yooops: I'm unable to roll back, but nice to hear that it doesn't seems to be a personal problem then.
  • The old exe should be in your GSA folder in the start menu. I think. I just have an old install.
  • 4.98 works great, 4.99 not works.
  • Thanks guys, 4.98 works now too at my side :) It works even without starting any app as admin. The only bug I saw is, when I start CB via SER. It tells me it couldn't start it, but it's started.
  • SvenSven
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    fixed in upcoming version. Though just the TEST was not working...captchas are send correctly during submission.
  • Thanks for the details and the - as usually - ultra-fast fix :) I wish you a nice weekend!
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