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Magically's Quality List

This discussion was created from comments split from: I need some helps from experienced people.


  • magicallymagically
    Or take a look here buddy;)


  • magicallymagically

    - More than 2000 .edu and .gov links & 700 wikis!
    - Tons of dofollow links
    - Tons of contextuals

    38.000 verified links in total + additional 7000 links that also can be posted on.


  • magicallymagically
    edited June 2015
    LIST Nr. 2 - Offer is open to everyone


    25 lucky slots - One Off Only List - 25$

    The list is targeting those who struggle to get some verified links.

    Offer is open until all slots are full or 4 weeks from today!

    34.500 verified links in total + additional 6000 links that also can be posted on.

    Wait...does that mean there are no nofollow links? Nope, of course not. There are nofollow links too in the list, mainly because of 3 reasons:

    1. Nofollow links are good to draw traffic
    2. To make a more natural mix for the search engines.
    3. Some contextuals, wikis and forums are simply nofollow links

    No modifications was used in making this list and only GSA Captcha Breaker + reCaptcha Solver was used. No hokus pokus here - this is the real deal!


    Once you have purchaced and recieved the list - There is no refund options.
    That means - You got the list and it's up to you to use it correctly as described below (*See Instruction Section)
    Upon purchase - expect the list to be sent within 24 hours (normally faster depending on real life and time constraints.)
    This is not negotiable as this list really works without any bullshit - Exactly as stated!

    -Allready verified links WTF?

    Surely some might experience to have some of these links already in their setup. That is completely normal, just keep things running untill list is completely exhausted.
    You will get tons of verified - that is a promise!

    If you are interested in obtaining this list, please send me a PM.
    Instructions will be given in PM.

    Don't share the list with friends or in public.
    Each list is marked with a special unique token, which makes it easy to track down anyone considering sharing/reselling/public distribution.


    The list will be delivered in .sl format.
    You will make a new folder on your harddrive ex. 'Amazing List' and simply use either GSA Ser to import it as 'IDENTIFIED' or use other unzipper tool and unpack it.

    - Check your proxies and make sure they are working
    - Modify Project-->Delete target Url Cache
    - Modify Project-->Delete Unused Accounts
    - Add 10 new fresh emails
    - Add fresh articles into GSA SER
    - Project Options---> 'USE URLS FROM GLOBAL SITE IF ENABLED' [x] and 'Identified' [X]
    - Project-->Set Status->Active..Use Global Sitelist only

    - USE GSA CAPCTHA BREAKER + some additional reCapthca Solver (No need for DBC or Imagetyperz)
    --> Set GSA CB to 2 retries and reCaptcha to 1 retry.

    (*) For absolute best performance: Create a brand new project and blast it with this list, using new fresh emails!

    [HIT START] and observe the magic happens!

    PM me now to get the payment instructions.

    (I normally answer within 24 hours - Patience guys, and remember real life;))


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