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using url


I'm a bit confused in using "Use URL as Start" option 
as an example, I'm using a site that sells cars,trucks,bikes etc
and i only want to get contact numbers only to those selling cars
i start searching for the contact numbers for car sellers.
The good thing is that it could get the contact numbers for those who sells car, 
but it also gets the contact numbers who sells truck,bike etc(which i don't want)

My question is
Is there a way(option, settings) to specify to only get the contact numbers for those who sell cars?

Also tried using the car section URL of the website and still i could get the contact numbers from a
truck, bike sellers


  • SvenSven
    If you can identify e.g. the URLs who sell in a certain way like , then you can go to options->filter->URL must have and enter *seller* as mask.
  • You said, "URL must have". I'm running v7.32.

    Has this been changed to "Parse for Items only if URL has:"?

  • SvenSven
    Sorry yes, I sometimes mix the correct phrase on what it's labeled in the program. The sentence of the option is as you said it.
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