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SER crash on RDP over Virtualbox

PhenomenaPhenomena PAPAYA
Hi, i used SER on a Virtualbox for one week with no problem on my Mac
Move this Virtualbox to a hosted server under Debian everything work like on my Mac

Of course i wish to use my virtualbox headless and use RDP to connect
But as soon as i try to use RDP and not virtuabox to use my server, after 10 seconds of SER runnning, RDP crash every time.

Windows session always available on virtualbox


  • Answer to myself ;)

    In fact it's the NAT interface from VirtualBox crashing due to too much threads
    (well only 50 thread and i had crash)

    Install was done on a fresh Debian Wheezy this mean with VirtualBox 4.1.x and this was fix after on Virtual Box 4.3 up

    So you have to install a backport of Virtualbox 4.3.x for Debian Wheezy

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