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Five Day Or Five Hour Trial?

I was really enjoying the free trial of captcha breaker and was planning on making a purchase of the full version after the five days was up. But then the software started acting strange after about five hours with crashing errors, and an error saying skipped by settings every time it tried to figure out a captcha.

Is this an issue because it's a demo or should I take my business elsewhere? Captcha Sniper also looking interesting as well.


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @scx316 - Some screenshots of this "crashing error" would be pretty helpful or at least a better explanation of what's happening.

    The "skipped by settings" is telling you that the captcha is being skipped due to a setting. Most likely you selected the option "only try to solve if success rate is at least x%" so its skipping the captchas that come up that are under that solve %.
  • trail version provide u 500 captcha per day 
    so when u exceded 500 captcha the software will crash
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