SER 9.84

Never seen it so bad.

@sven - you working on any issues Sven?

I used to rock along at 50-70 VPM last 3 days 0.25?

Emails are fine
Global Lists are good
Proxies are dedicated

Its flying along but not building enough links over 20+ projects


  • donchinodonchino
    Are you using keywords to scrape with Ser or link lists? You might have run out of target sites..?
  • I have never scraped - may have done 2 days when I first owned SER.

  • donchinodonchino
    kk same here. i sometimes see the same, but i think it depends on list.. with my old verified list i might get 1000 verified out of 50k submitted, but then with fresh list it's 1000 out of 2000 submitted... so this was my thought, but not sure if this is the case for you.
  • Load up the old version and see if that's it.  I don't see any differences.
  • SvenSven
    well I am not aware of any issues here. SER should work fine as "always".
  • Ok thanks guys must be an issue with my Target URLs or my lists!

  • Hey @sven I got my issue its CB -

    Ever since I added DBC as a 3rd option in SER I think its stopped CB solving the captchas.

    How can I fix this?

    Thank you.
  • no use DBC ,. use imagetyperz XDD
  • Yeah DBC has messed me up!
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