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URL Redirect PRO Freezing / crashing, and Seo Indexer too

NetMajomNetMajom | skype: nszmmp
edited May 2015 in GSA URL Redirect PRO

I using the redirect pro, and the indexer and its always freezing (the other gsa products are fine).. I can only force close the softwares, and after that they forget the list and cannot continue, they must do from the start.

Please do something, i use with 100 thread with proxy scrapper, so please do some performance update, because i dont believe, that this software eat the cpu and ram in a high level computer.


  • SvenSven
    please define the GUI unusable? If it really freezes, you should get a popup about it with a "Send bugreport" button after like 2 minutes.
  • NetMajomNetMajom | skype: nszmmp

    The freeze mean, thats no responding, i wait, wait, and wait, but nothing.... when i click to the not responding window, the window turn into white (like an old time retro freezing). There are no bugreport, there are no error messages, just freeze.

    If i run only url redirect, its ok. When i use ONLY seo indexer, its no problem. When i use both (if i clicked to send links to seo indexer), after some time, the softwares will eat impossible much memory, and cpu, and if i clicking in the softwares menu items, its freezing, with no bugreport or error messages.

    I have a High end machine, so its impossible for me to see that...

    Can you repar that?
  • SvenSven
    Hard to repair something I can not reproduce. Have you linked SEO Indexer to URL Redirector or via verse?
  • NetMajomNetMajom | skype: nszmmp
    I run URL redirect, and i setted up to send the redirected links to seo indexer. So first: URL Redirect --> Seo Indexer

    I dont know why doing that.... Any advice?
  • SvenSven
    And you have both tools be using with proxies?
  • NetMajomNetMajom | skype: nszmmp
    Yes, i using proxies. I have bought proxy scrapper, and i use only anonymous and fast proxies from there. I run it 100 - 100 threads only
  • SvenSven

    feels like a chat here...well sorry but I can not spot any issue from this really.

    If you run with less that doing the trick?

  • NetMajomNetMajom | skype: nszmmp
    yes... if i link redirect pro with seo indexer always happen. i tested it with 50 thread too, and got the same result
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