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AlexRAlexR Cape Town
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I'd like to know how many threads people are generally able to get using the program to scrape and post. 

If you're using the program without providing prescraped lists, and have disabled global lists - how many threads are you getting on average?

I'm getting between 7 and 15, but mostly 10. 

Any ideas on how to increase this? I.e. do more scraping and/or posting? 

I have many projects, many keywords and set threads to 100, HTMl timeout 120, and SE interval to 10s. I have 20 private proxies. 

Just seems 10 is quite low?


  • It could be your system setup, but I'd try reducing the number of set threads from 100, say 10 at a time to optimize..
  • I'm running on VPS with 250 threads
  • Accepted Answer
    Dedi - prescraped and identified lists, 200 threads, currently 800 private proxies - max. 15 projects 
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @mrmeotz - who would you recommend for private proxies? (I take it you have tried numerous providers in getting to get 800!) 

    Also - using scraped lists will help with the thread count. I was just wondering without it, how to get the thread count up. 
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