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[Advice] Where To sell Expired Domains

Hello Guys , 
Sorry For Posting this thread On This Forum But I Posted It Because this forum is Very Luck For me In Case Of Advice

I have Got a Huge List Of Expired Domains ( Greater Than 1000 ) . which can be registered at any domain registrar at normal prices. The Domains Have PR 0-6 Range and DA/PA Above 10 ( Some Greater than 50 ) CF/TF have drooped Down Because Of Being Unregistered For Many Years . Some of them have country TLDs  . Perfect As Money Sites and PBNs

Could You please Suggest Me How Can I Start My Business with these Domains . If Anyone Interested We Can be partners . 

Thank You And Again Sorry For Posting This . PLS Delete this Thread If It Is NOT GOOD


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    Some country tlds cant be registered (jp, il domains).
    If you see that TF is low (lower than 15)  domain probably is not worth alot.
    Filter these domains by tld, leave only global tlds and than check what TF/CF your domains have.

    When it comes to domains with high quality backlinks - i was monitoring 100k domains with HQ backlinks (really HQ -high TF/CF) and HQ domains never drop. Namejet, snapnames and similar registrars always catch valuable domains and sell them on auctions.

    You can start your business by buying 10-20 highest quality domains and you can sell them here. Thats how it works.
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    satyr85 Thanx For the reply 

    Yes Definitely , I Will Do a Domain Metrics Research Before Selling Them But My Question Still Remains Where Do I Sell Them . 
    Here GSA Forum . Do You think i will get Buyers here 
    Or BHW  . How Many Buyers Do you think I Will Get Everyday . If i sell them between $5 - $30 Each
  • gsa8mycowsgsa8mycows
    People buy domains all the time on hosting and marketing forums.

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