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submission question???

I just started my very first submission campagne and in the operation screen when i hit start i see the varied messages"new url","matches engine","no engine match","no form at all", and login successful", i just want to know if iam doing everything right cause i see keep seing 0 verified link and 3 submitted link today, how long does it take for links to be verified, iam been doing this for over half hour and i used both gsa captcha breaker and sniper captcha separately with same results


  • SvenSven
    I guess you also use public proxies?
  • yes
  • Well that explains everything.
    With GSA SER you need to have:

    - GSA Captcha Breaker
    - Atleast 10-20 private/semi-private proxies to begin with
    - Good knowledge of how it works.
    - Verified list to kick start (not necessary but recommended)

    There is a learning curve and I hope you will find answers to a lot of your questions in this forum. Just use the search box wisely before posting a thread. It saves a lot of time for everyone.
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