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indexer in VPS , and other VPS SER

as I can have "GSA  SER" in VPS, and another VPS "GSA indexer". This is possible? as I can do to communicate between the two VPS indexer and SER


  • SvenSven
    sorry no.
  • thanks  XDD
  • Yes you can, using "export verified urls" to folder shared between the machines + simple script to import urls into indexer
  • and had read your answer in a similar post. But that implies that there is automatic and I have another task to do more.

    If that same puediera perfect automatic.

    And that option, and knew, I think we know it all, and knowing no use to me because it is not something automatic.

    I want to save time and not have more work to do.

    Still thanks for your answer.

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