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Article Content not in Preview - a bug or not?

During checking i found following missing dat - that start to make me worry

I generate content with KM and after upload I opend an article to see the content in the article manager
just click on the made spinned articles
and all content is in - title, summary, body

Now when i go to the Preview - to look how it shows in a browser
i only see a title, the video or image, anchor links BUT MISSING  the random / authority url links!  AND only a very few body words of the article.

Why this does not match ?

I have looked in other older projects - the Content and Preview do match!
so is it a bug or did i do something wrong ?

Thx Harry 


  • SvenSven
    could be a broken spin syntax. Hard to say what it is.
  • Solved - not a bug

    i used a copied project for to upload new content as a new project
    and those submissions have been wrong - as the article data did not show up
    in TEST it did - in PREVIEW not
    checked the verified and those were also not ok

    I made new projects now from scratch - no copy
    and PREVIEW and SUBMISSIONS are ok

    so be aware - and make not same mistake like i did

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