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Gsa Email Spider hang at 1 thread

Its really bad .. every time i put proxy list (from and put a keyword . and click start 
it's keep scan and getting emails until it hang on 1 thread .
OS : WINDOWS REMOTE SERVER 2012 and i tested it on Windows 7 and Windows 8 
Same problem .. 
it always hang on 1 thread .. i leave it for 1 day it only scan 2 or 3 keyword 

p.s  i tried 50 thread / 100 thread /200 / 500 even 1000 same problem 

it's really annoying 
and thanks for the best program i have ever seen :* 


  • SvenSven
    hmm well what happens if you abort it (clicking stop)? Is it then returning normally?
  • Hello @sven
    yes if i clicked stop it stop everything . 
    if i clicked pause , then continue it will still hang on 1 thread 
    i tested it on 2008 windows server / 2012 windows server / windows 7 / and windows 8 
    with different internet connections same problem .. i changed search engines . and only put google alone and same problem .

    thanks a lot ..
  • A photo image
  • SvenSven
    And that URL at the status bar is not changeing?
  • nob 1 thread and the url stay 
    even when i remove inout-search 
    another url stuck 
  • SvenSven
    well I made one little change on that freez check in upcoming version. Hope it helps. Though as I never had issues before and can not reproduce it, it's hard for me to debug or give exact details of what might have happened.
  • okay , now it freez for 30 min and then continue the thing 
    that is good but can u fix the hang thing to 0 min ?

    this is a photo of freez of 30 min on 2 thread  then it continue to another keyword 

  • okay 
    now it's working really good .. 

    thanks alot , :) 

    done 19  keywords with no hang i think it's fixed :) 
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