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one dud, several lists at the same time

I'm starting to use purchased lists, normally these to "falied" added the issue depends also want to use that campaign, and verified as failed or failed and searches on search engines

GSA how it works? if I point to a campaign that failed and use the same time look in search engines. Will he do both?

Is that the optimum is to leave only the list, this is ideal for tier 3 links, but at higher tiers, as tier 1, I would be interested in using verified and failed, or failed and search engines.

Well that is my question not work that way SER. All of these services pdfs recommend only use your list and place it in Failed, that is the case it depends.

I welcome your comments @sven


  • me can someone say something about my question
  • I'd be happy to answer your question if I could understand it.
  • If I use multiple lists at the same time, a failed, another in subbmited, another in verified and at the same time, Indian to GSAto find in search engines it does everything at the same time?

    It is more efficient to let only marked a list, or if I have 3 lists (verified, subbmited and failed) going to go more slowly theLPM
  • Yeah, you can have 4 lists and have GSA to grab links from each list.  You need to have all the options to save links unticked however so you don't add to the lists.

    LPM is an overrated stat.  I can get huge LPM if I pick the right types of links.  

    You shouldn't see any problem pulling site lists from 3 separate folders with your LPM.  The lists are going to be the limiting factor (plus the sorts of platforms you choose).
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