The Best Vps??

Hi guys,

i wanted to know which will be the best vps for GSA.

which do  not give complains about GSa Being used at its full..


  • andrew
    Which plan you using and whats the bandwidth its Unlimited and its safe to run gsa without stopping till one month??
  • andrewandrew France
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    I have 8 VPSs on SPINVPS :) 4 x 4Gb RAM SSD  and 4 x 8Gb SSD plan. 8GB SSD plans are just blazing fast in all terms ( network speed and SSD speed). I'm planning to order another 8 VPSs at the end of the month, hopefully I will find it in stock, lately I see no stock info :(
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    So you registered here only to tell us about offer... Nice :)

    Btw spinvps have servers in Hetzner and Ovh datacenter - both well known for kicking out people who use Ser (some time ago solidseovps was kicked out ovh datacenter).

    Solidseovps is most known vps provider for SER.
  • andrewandrew France
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    satyr85  Just looking over gsa forum for tips and noticed this thread. There are many VPS providers out there like, , etc . I have never had any problems with I hold my VPSs on various VPS providers which are using similar locations and never had a single issue. The main advantage of is the price, anyway people can order wherever they want, what I can say for sure is that I have never been kicked out, though I'm using US location on their servers.
  • I got a couple servers from spin and they are really slow.  They are extremely oversold it appears.  You'd expect that at the price point they are offering.
  • spinvpsspinvps US
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    Hello Marc,

    On your opened ticket it seems like the problem was solved, your last statement was "it is running much better. I'll stick with this one". We have proposed SSD VPS solution and we actually gave you one SSD VPS for test but you decide it to stick to SATA VPS. SATA VPS is much slower compare with SSD VPS. SPIN VPS was launched to fill a gap in the VPS market by providing Ultra-Fast Pure SSD powered RAID10 VPS servers together with conventional SATA hosting plans for larger space. We never oversold, though some abusers may have some temporarily negative impact on node. We can also migrate SATA client server to another lower load node.
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    I'll reply to my ticket.  Hopefully we can resolve this.
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